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ALT.wor(l)ds beyond 1996-2006

[Japanese version]

  1. Illustration/Artworks

    1. [untitled]
    2. [SF Magazine]artworks (exhibition in borderhack2003)
    3. [AGOSTO] "If the WEB world is seen from the UNIVERSE" (collaborated with Hiroya Tanaka)
    4. [untitled]
  2. Projects

    1. [Sakura Mapping Project] (Green Photon + Earthday Tokyo, Photon,Inc./Index corp./Digital-Earth inc.)
    2. [NEtROBOt Project] (NEtROBOt Project -- presentation in Japan Media Arts Festival and Globalmedia 2005, PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 2005 Honorary Mention, 10e Anniversaire du Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography)
    3. [NetAIBO] (Hidenori Watanave, Akio Fukano, Toshiyuki Takahei, Tomoyoshi Saito -- presentation in SIGGRAPH2004 WEB GRAPHICS)
    4. [OTODAMA] (Photon,Inc./Nihon-Enterprise/OISCA)
    5. [Talking Map / Modification map] (Akira Koyma, Akira Suzuki, Eiji Hashimoto, Keiichi Irie, Morihiro Osumi, Hidenori Watanave, Hiroya Tanaka, Tomohisa Okamoto. Published by Kobe Design University Graduate school)
    6. [Doujyunkai KIOKU Apartment] (Collaborated with Akiko Ishimaru, and others, Yume-dori @ Doujyunkai Aoyama Apartment)
      [KIOKU Movie 1, 2, 3, 4] | [KIOKU Board]
    7. [Photon / Hidenori Watanave Exhibition / ExVISION] (Ningyo-cho exhibit space Vision's)
    8. [Workshops] (Workshops @ anywhere)
    9. [Earth Literacy Program] (collaborated with Shinichi Takemura, iFace, and others)
    10. [RhythmForest] (OISCA International / Photon,Inc.)
    11. [RhythmEngine] (Photon,Inc.-- presentation in SIGGRAPH2002 WEB GRAPHICS)
    12. [FFF (FireFlyFamily] (Photon,Inc.)
    13. [10+1 web] - TOKYO GROUND PROJECT (collaborated with Syunichi Nomura, Hidenori Kasagi, and others)
    14. [JAPAN2001]exhibition (worked as a production adviser of Kazuhiro Kojima / C+A)
    15. [Space-Time Mapping and Remodeling Workshop Series] (collaborated with Hiroya Tanaka)
    16. [Light,Shadow,and Space-Time@eARTh] (collaborated with Hiroya Tanaka and Rie Okumura)
    17. [untitled]
    18. [To Moze From Addie] (Work for Gemesoftware project for Playstation @ addie software / Sony Computer Entertainment participation as a designer ; geometrical feature and background drawing.)
  3. Competition / Architecture

    1. [KIOKU-CAN] (Akiko Ishimaru + Hidenori Watanave)(The Super-Dry Art 2004 : Excellent work)
    2. [untitled]
    3. [untitled]
    4. [Jisho-Dai] (Membrane Design Competition 1999 : Honorable Mention)
    5. ["SpaceBlock as interactive design tool"]
      (Science University of Tokyo graduate school master thesis : "Development of an interactive design tool and application - SpaceBlockVR - " and Architectural Institute of Japan convention academic lecture paper announcement "SpaceBlock as interactive design tool" - Kojima Kazuhiro, Hiiro Maho, Hidenori Watanabe, Chizuru Inoue and Ken-ichi Otani)
    6. [ICE]
    7. [untitled]
    8. [Recognition/PerceptionEdge]
    9. [The Invisible Flower] (Nikkei-Architecture Digital Design Competition)
    10. [untitled]
    11. [Ephemeral dream of prosperity] (Central-Glass International Architecture Design Competition 1997 : Honorable Mention)
    12. [untitled] (Students' Architecture Design Competition 1996 : Semi-Grand-Prix)
    13. [Kon-Ten-Gi] (Tokyo Science University : Diploma Award)